The Metropolitan Museum of Art has digitized many of its Pictorialist catalogues and has made them available online.  Photography Curator Malcolm Daniels notes that now more than one hundred of those Pictorialist catalogues, most of them donated to the Museum by Alfred Stieglitz in 1922 and many of them not found elsewhere, are preserved in the Met’s Joyce F. Menschel Photography Library.

These have now been scanned and are available to a world-wide audience through the Thomas J. Watson Library’s Digital Collections website and WorldCat, a union catalogue of 71,000 libraries.  With a single query, a photo historian can now search all of the catalogues for work by a single photographer (“Steichen” or “Coburn,” for instance), a title word (“Flatiron” or “Nude”), or photographic process (“platinum” or “gum bichromate”).

 The link to these catalogues is: .

(fra E-Photo Newsletter #198,  June 30, 2013, I Photo Central website at




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