A symposium on early American photography in the Asia Pacific – July 2 – 4, 2014

Broken Images:

A symposium on early American photography in the Asia Pacific, 1850 – 1950.

July 2 – 4, 2014

The Griffith Centre for Cultural Research (GCCR) at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, presents Broken Images: A symposium on early American photography in the Asia Pacific, 1850 – 1950. The symposium brings together leading and emerging scholars from Australasia and North America to investigate the role of photography and photographers in the United States’ historical engagement with the Asia Pacific.

International keynote speakers include Dr Erika Esau (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Professor Lamont Lindstrom (University of Tulsa, Oklahoma), Dr Max Quanchi (University of the South Pacific, Fiji), Dr Melissa Renn (Harvard Art Museums), and Dr Mark Rice (St John Fisher College, New York). Panel speakers include Gael Newton (National Gallery of Australia) and Dr Jennifer Watts (The Huntington Library and Art Collections, Los Angeles).

The symposium also features a postgraduate forum on the afternoon of July 2, followed by a public panel on ‘Important Collections of American Asia Pacific Photography’, chaired by Dr Kate Evans (Radio National), and an evening reception/book launch.

Registration is at no cost, but is required. For more information please contact the convenors:-

Prue Ahrens, (Queensland College of Art, Griffith University), p.ahrens@griffith.edu.au.

Fiona Paisley, (School of Humanities, Griffith University), f.paisley@griffith.edu.au.


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