Sharing is Caring 2014


OPEN CALL for ignite session at Sharing is Caring 2014

The 3rd international Sharing is Caring seminar will be held at DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) in Copenhagen on 1 April 2014. This year’s seminar will focus on what happens when the GLAM sector engages and collaborates with its users.

Are YOU one of our ignite speakers?
We a looking for engaging, motivating and entertaining ignite talks presenting best practice on working with users in the GLAM sector. Send a short presentation of your project or topic, and motivation for speaking at Sharing is Caring (max 5 lines in English) to no later than 16 January 2014. We will get back to you within a week after the deadline.

The format
Each ignite speaker is allocated five minutes of presentation time accompanied by 20 slides. During your presentation, each slide is displayed for 15 seconds and then automatically advanced. Please note that your talk must be delivered in English.

Working with our users
Sharing is Caring 2014 will focus on collaboration with users in the GLAM sector. All over the world, cultural institutions are striving to develop new ways to engage and collaborate with users, enabled by digital technologies and the Internet, with the aim to foster deep and lasting involvement, enrich our knowledge and assets, and to be not only places for the preservation of cultural history, but also hubs of new creativity, ideas, and innovation. In a series of expert talks, discussions, ignites, and networking sessions, we’ll explore the topic from a wealth of different angles. User involvement, remix culture, crowdsourcing and citizen science are just some of the keywords on the agenda. How do we tap into the cognitive and creative surplus so abundantly present in the people we used to call our audiences, and help make it thrive in relation to the collections and knowledge in our institutions?

The seminar will present a range of expert speakers, offering different approaches to the topic – from hands-on experience with user facilitation to preparing decision makers for understanding and embracing audiences as prod-users and potential co-workers – a series of sparkling ignite talks from practitioners in the field, and lots of time and space for networking and discussion on the topic.

For futher information on Sharing is Caring 2014 please visit our site under construction at:

Twitter: #sharecare14


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